Robert W. Page

Education & Training

Training: Graduate
Institution: Hanover College
Major/Area: History
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Year Completed: 1968

Professional Experience

Director, Energy Consulting, Electric Applications Incorporated, 2013 – Present

  • Project Manager for power generation consulting in fossil and nuclear industries.
  • Project Management consultant to energy industry.

Project Director, ECOtality, 2010 – 2013

  • Project Manager for design, testing and fabrication of EVSE products.
  • Led three separate projects for different first-of-a-kind products through design, testing, certification, fabrication and initial field deployment.  A fourth project involved the development of network software and software/firmware within the equipment.

Project Management Consultant, Latan, 2008 – 2009

  • Led a consulting team for the turn around of a two-unit fossil design/construction project under the direction of the owner’s site executive.  Effort included the re-organization of engineering, start up and construction teams.
  • Overcame a series of obstacles from contractor agreements to tube welding failures.  The facility went on-line meeting performance goals and regulatory commission approval of expenditure.

Organizational Consultant, State of Arizona, 2007

  • Provided management consulting for the executive management team at Arizona Department of Health Services including organizational changes and the successful restructuring of several programs considered non-performing.

Project Manager, Arizona Public Service, 2005 – 2007

  • Project Manager for a US Department of Energy R&D project to convert coal to methane through the introduction of heated hydrogen.
  • Focused on a new technical & conceptual approach with extremely low CO2 production.
  • Successfully engineered, constructed and tested a forty foot hydrogasification test reactor with the production of methane from low sulfur coal.

Strategic Planner, Panda Energy, 2004

  • Analysis of independent energy organization strengths and weaknesses, followed by all company retreat to test directional ideas and focus.
  • Worked with management and the Board to develop strategic plan and organizational restructuring.
  • Provided executive management coaching and organizational development.

Project Manager, Union & Gila Power Plants, 2001 – 2004

  • Owner Project Manager for consortium of owners at a EPC project of two gas fired 2200MW merchant plants.  Over saw all aspects of the job including day-to-day direction of the A/E-Constructor.  Reporting to the General Manager, lead the resolution of several challenges including the effect of the ENRON chapter 11 on the projects, management restructuring, and a number of construction related hurdles.  The two projects came in ahead of schedule and under budget.  The Projects met or exceeded all performance testing guarantees.
  • Worked with management and the Board to develop strategic plan and organizational restructuring.
  • Provided executive management coaching and organizational development.

Various Consulting Projects, 1991 – 2001

  • Developed several projects for American Express Technologies Resource Center.
  • Developed a plan for investment in start-up high tech company – Blue tooth technology.
  • Analysis and coaching with Vysocina Region Council Member  (Czech Republic).
  • Expansion planning into utility field for a scenic development company.
  • Downtown re-development planning for Downtown Partnership, Scottsdale Arizona.
  • Develop management and process capabilities of maintenance teams for a west coast Duke Energy oil and gas plant.
  • Automated Dispatch Systems – organizational development and design/engineering development.
  • Advised CEO of South American utility on four-way merger, creating EMEL.

Project Manager, EPRI Y2K Team, 1998 – 2000

  • Managed Electric Power Research Institute’s Y2K program as it related to worldwide members.
  • EPRI Y2K Project involved the investigation and review of thousands of power plant components.  Led the effort in developing the data base (web feed), cataloging, data mining, and interface.

Strategic Planning & Business Development, Comp Health, 1997

  • Developed the business plan, financial projections, and strategy for CompHealth in preparation for a corporate merger.
  • Worked with the client to develop a new line of business (contract credentialing) including hardware, one-of-a-kind software, and process design.

Long Range Planning, AEGIS Insurance Services, 1996

  • Envisioned a customer oriented strategic planning process for AEGIS Insurance Services.
  • Worked with the member committee and the Board to develop a new strategic focus and plan.
  • Developed/implemented a process to determine the state of customer relations and changes in the business environment for customers, resulting in a new strategic management plan including expanded customer base and products.

Casino Development Consultant, Bally’s, 1995 – 1996

  • Project Manager for the development of a new approach to casino formation for Bally’s
  • Coordinated the development of a theme, architecture, economic feasibility, ROI model, operating structure and overall concept for a new casino and destination resort.

Project Manager & Emergency Director, Arizona Public Service, 1971 – 1994

  • Served for two years as a member of the El Paso Electric Bankruptcy Creditors Committee.
  • Chaired Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station Owner’s Committee and led the O&M and Capital budget approval process for the operating station.
  • Project lead for development of an IT licensing and commitment tracking system.
  • Led the effort to defend Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station construction and start-up costs in a four-state prudence audit, including hearings in three states.
  • Responsible for the creation of the first Emergency Plan for Palo Verde (including facilities, training, procedures, & government liaison).
  • Created a group to handle nuclear (and other generation) public and government communications program for Palo Verde Nuclear Geenrating Station after the Three Mile Island incident.
  • Developed engineering department to handle warranty & conformance issues for power plants.  Resolved design issues with Westinghouse and GE gas turbines.
  • Created and implemented a process for handling large capital property claims.
  • Managed investigation of property and personal injury claims (electric and gas).
  • Analyzed land holdings, tax liabilities, pension fund returns.


  • Systems for measuring Electricity and Method of provide and Using the Same.  0317531-PCT-E6
  • Control Systems for Electricity YTransfer Device and Related Systems and Methods.  0323588-E11-US
  • Electricity Transfer System Network and Related methods.  0330820-E14-US