Back to the Future for Battery Energy Storage

Electric Applications has been involved with the development of battery energy storage for grid demand reduction and reliability for several years. This work has involved the development of test cycles for applications including electric vehicle DC fast charger demand reduction (see our Home Page under Latest Projects – Storage Assisted Recharge), as well as the testing of a variety of batteries and battery chemistries in this application. Both advanced lead-carbon batteries and lithium batteries of various chemistries have been tested. Recently Electric Applications Incorporated began testing of Nickel Metal-Hydride (NiMHx) batteries for this application. While NiMHx batteries shave largely been abandoned as a storage technology for electric vehicles (having been replaced with lithium technologies), the batteries under test at Electric Applications Incorporated have a new twist – these NiMHx batteries incorporate bipolar technology. Bipolar design has historically been the holy grail of battery design, but has proven technically difficult to implement. New products on the market, such as those under test at Electric Applications Incorporated, offer the potential to  overcome previous issues  and provide improved performance derived from decreased internal resistance and increased utilization of the active materials such as cobalt coated nickel hydroxide and metal hydride.