EAI Presentation at 16th Annual Asian Battery Conference

With the recent increase in the supply of compressed natural gas (CNG) for use as a motor fuel, the application of advanced hybrid technologies to improve fuel efficiency (thereby reducing operating costs and emissions) and extend the range of CNG fueled vehicles provides an opportunity to accelerate the adoption of CNG as a motor fuel. However, with the increase in supply of CNG has come a reduction in its cost, changing the economics of hybridization from sophisticated full hybrids (at substantial initial cost) to simple start-stop or launch assist hybrids. The attached presentation presents the start-stop hybridization of a RAM 1500 pickup truck using CNG fuel and an advanced lead-acid battery. The objective of the RAM hybridization was to both extend the vehicle range and to reduce its operating cost. Test results for the vehicle prior to hybridization and post hybridization are presented for track, dynamometer and on-road testing, along with results of battery testing in accordance with the US Advanced Battery Consortium 12 Volt Start-Stop Battery Test Manual.

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