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EAI Team Photo.png

Richard Simpson, Tyler Gray, Nick Fleming, Sally Sun, Jay Kennison, Russell Newnham, Frank Fleming, Donald Karner, Cindy Wu


Electric Applications Incorporated (EAI) has extensive expertise and experience in energy applications, including battery testing/evaluation and certification, application simulation for motive power and energy storage, and battery research and development. EAI supports this work with a state-of-the-art battery testing laboratory at its headquarters near downtown Phoenix.

Our laboratory includes:

  • 230 Test Channels

  • Power up to 300kW

  • +/- 1040 A

  • Up to 750 V

  • Common BMS Interface

  • -68˚C to 120˚C Controlled Temperature Chambers

  • 5˚C to 70˚C Water Baths


The EAI laboratory is an A2LA accredited facility capable of a full range of battery testing and application development for a variety of advanced battery chemistries including lead acid, lead carbon, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium and a variety of lithium chemistries.

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