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EAI Grid Storage (EGS) is a US company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Formed in 2019, EGS provides technical support and economic analysis for the application of grid energy storage to customer commercial and industrial facilities. These behind-the-meter projects define specific battery operational requirements supporting calculated cost savings. EGS can fully analyze all aspects of these storage opportunities and is able to:


  1. Analyze the application with respect to energy flow, peak power demand and recharging requirements.

  2. Compare and recommend the appropriate battery chemistry based on duty cycle, TCO and environmental concerns.

  3. Recommend power conversion equipment (PCE) and control systems.

  4. Recommend suppliers of batteries, PCE and control systems.


 The three principals of EGS are:


  • Jay Lohrbach – 30+ years’ experience in the power generation industry with a discipline focused upon process automation and control.  Extensive technical, operational and management experience in the nuclear, fossil, renewable and distributed energy.

  • Frank Fleming – 40-years’ experience in battery manufacturing and applications. Former co-founder and CTO of NorthStar Battery.


  • Don Karner – 15-years’ electric utility engineering and 30 years transportation electrification experience. President of Electric Applications Incorporated, an ISO accredited battery testing laboratory.

The ESS Battery Partner Program has been established to provide a means to qualify battery chemistries and their suppliers as meeting specific requirements determined by EAI Grid Storage to support their economic analyses. Battery suppliers wishing to participate with EAI Grid Storage follow the following steps. 

Program Requirement:

  1. Define application performance requirements

  2. Define qualification test requirements 

  3. Conduct qualification testing       

  4. Provide cost, warranty and availability  

  5. Solicit customer for initial ESS Installation 

  6. Supply & warrant batteries for initial installation

  7. Provide detailed operation data from initial installation

Responsible Organization:

-    EAIGS

-    EAIGS

-    Partner

-    Partner

-    EAIGS

-    Partner

-    EAIGS

EAI Grid Storage will use its best efforts to find applications well suited to each participating battery. In addition to technical performance, cost and commercial terms will be considered in finding suitable applications for Program participants. 

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