Testing Equipment & Capabilities 

The EAI laboratory is an A2LA accredited facility capable of a full range of battery testing and application development for a variety of advanced battery chemistries including lead acid, lead carbon, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium and a variety of lithium chemistries.  Our lab contains:

  • 230 Test Channels

  • Power up to 300kW

  • +/- 1040 A

  • Up to 750 V

  • Common BMS Interface

  • Designated Hazard Containment Room for Safety Testing  

  • -68˚C to 120˚C Controlled Temperature Chambers

  • 5˚C to 70˚C Water Baths

Mechanical testing, including vibration and abuse testing services, are also available through the laboratory.


With over 100 combined years of expertise and experience in battery certification testing, performance evaluation and application development. We are your battery experts.

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