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Electric Applications Incorporated conducts research and developmental work across a broad range of technologies. From advanced fuel vehicle development to mechanistic studies of various battery chemistries, pre-competitive work is conducted for industry organizations as well as the US Department of Energy. Competitive research and development work is conducted with complete confidentiality for various battery companies and equipment manufacturers. With over two decades of project management experience and over 50 years of experience in Electric Applications Incorporated personnel in research and development of energy storage devices and their application, Electric Applications Incorporated personnel excel in defining project objectives, conducting a high quality technical program and achieving results on budget and schedule.


  • Battery Performance Improvement

    • Cycling Performance Improvement​

    • Life Extension

  • Advanced Fuel Vehicle Development 

    • Battery Electric Vehicle Performance Improvement​

    • Electric Vehicle Battery Development

  • University Collaboration​

    • Advanced​ Lead Acid 

    • Lithium

    • Product Improvement

    • Teardown Analysis

  • EV Charge Infrastructure ​

  • Gaseous Fuel Infrastructure 

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