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Training: Graduate
Institution: Monash University 
Major/Area: Chemistry 
Degree: Doctorate
Year Completed: 1988

Training: Graduate

Institution: Monash University 
Major/Area: Chemistry 
Degree: Bachelor of Science (Honors)
Year Completed: 1982

Training: Undergraduate

Institution: Monash University 
Major/Area: Chemistry
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Year Completed: 1981

Russell Newnham, Chief Scientist, Electric Applications Incorporated


Chief Scientist, Electric Applications Incorporated – 2013 to present

  • Provides overall technical direction for EAI battery energy storage application development and testing.

  • Manages quality of EAI testing activities

  • Provides strategic technical direction for  EAI projects and product development activities.

Project Manager, Electric Transportation Applications – 2006 to 2013

  • Development of battery technology for use in remote area power-supply (RAPS) systems, electric vehicles (EVs), and hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs)

  • Development of operating environment simulations in support of battery application development

  • Laboratory testing of battery products using application simulations to determine suitability, lifetime energy throughput and optimized operating parameters

  • Development of charging infrastructure for EVs

Technical Manager, NorthStar Battery Company – 2005 to 2006

  • Technical Manager in charge of Research and Product Development.

Scientist, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia – 1988 to 2005

  • Principal Research Scientist – 2000

  • Senior Research Scientist – 1995

  • Research Scientist  – 1990

  • Experimental Officer – 1988



Book Chapters

  • Newnham, R.H., Chapter 14, ‘RAPS Systems and the Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Battery’, in ‘Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries’, Elsevier, Eds. Rand, D.A.J., Mosley, P.T., Garche, J. and Parker, C.D.

Fully-refereed Papers in Journals

  • Newnham, R.H. and Baldsing, W.G.A, ‘Advanced Management Strategies for Remote-Area Power-Supply Systems’, J. Power Sources, in press (2003).

  • Newnham, R.H. and Baldsing, W.G.A, ‘Benefits of Partial-State-of-Charge Operation in Remote-Area Power-Supply Systems, J. Power Sources, 107, 273 (2002).

  • Lam, L.T., Ozgum, H., Newnham, R.H., and Fleming, F.A., ‘Advanced Design of Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Battery for Hybrid-Electric Vehicles’, J. Power Sources, 88, 92 (2000) Newnham, R.H. and Baldsing, W.G.A., ‘Performance of Flooded- and Gelled-Electrolyte Lead-Acid Batteries under Remote-Area Power-Supply Duty’, J. Power Sources, 66, 27 (1997).

  • Hollenkamp, A.F. and Newnham, R.H., ‘Benefits of Controlling Plate-Group Expansion: Opening the Door to Advanced Lead-Acid Batteries’, J. Power Sources, 67, 27 (1997).

  • Rand, D.A.J., Holden, L.S., May, G.J., Newnham, R.H., and Peters, K., ‘Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries’, J. Power Sources, 59, 191 (1996).

  • Newnham, R.H. and Baldsing, W.G.A., ‘New Operational Strategies for Gelled-Electrolyte Batteries’, J. Power Sources, 59, 137 (1996).

  • Newnham, R.H., Hollenkamp, A.F., and Rand, D.A.J., ‘Effect of Chlorine-Containing Species on Lead-Acid Battery Posts,’ J. Power Sources, 53, 93 (1995).

  • Newnham, R.H., ‘Discussions on the Lead-Acid Battery, No. 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Valve-Regulated, Lead-Acid Batteries’, J. Power Sources 52, 149 (1994).

  • Deacon, G.B., Feng, T., Mackinnon, P., Newnham, R.H., Nickel, S., Skelton, B.W., and White, A.H., ‘Organoamindo- and Aryloxo-lanthanoids: V. Preparations of Low-Coordinate Lanthanoid (II) Phenolates, Ln(OC6H2But2 2,6-X-4)2(thf)n (Ln=Yb or Eu; X=H, Me or But; n = 2 or 3) and the X-ray crystal structure of five-coordinate [Yb(OC6H2But3-2,4,6)2(thf)3], thf.’, Aust, J. Chem, 46, 387 (1993).

  • Newnham, R.H., ‘Corrosion Rates of Lead-Based Anodes for Zinc Electrowinning at High Current Densities’, J. Appl. Electrochem, 22, 116 (1992). 




  • Newnham, R.H. and Fleming, F.A., USA Patent granted 2003, ‘Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Battery’.

  • Newnham, R.H. and Hollenkamp, A.F., USA Patent (applied 1998), ‘A Battery and Components Therefor’.

  • Ardelean, P., Cathro, K.J., Frazer, E.J., Newnham, R.H., and Newnham, O.M.G.  Australian Provisional patent (applied 1990), ‘Methods and Apparatus for the Electrolytic Recovery of Cadmium and other Metals’.

Speaking Engagements

  • Selected Speaker: 10th Asian Battery Conference, Bangkok, 2003.

  • Selected Speaker: 9th Asian Battery Conference, Bali, 2001.

  • Selected Speaker: 8th Asian Battery Conference, Bangkok, 1999.

Other Professional Activities

  • Expert panel member: Intelec -98 (International Telecommunications Conference), Australia, 1998.

  • Expert panel member: 6th Asian Battery Conference, Manilla, 1995.

  • Expert panel member: Valve-Regulated Discussion Panel, 4th European Lead Battery Conference, Geneva, 1994.

  • Expert panel member: Department of Minerals and Energy, Energy Storage Load Leveling Workshop; Brisbane, April 1994.

  • CSIRO Representative: DITARD Renewable Energy Industry Development Group, 1993.

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