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Battery Testing Cyclers

Safety & Certification

Performance Testing

To support abuse testing, EAI has developed specialized test facilities, including its Hazard Containment Room. The EAI Hazard Containment Room (HCR) is a dedicated facility for high risk battery testing. It provides a hardened facility for testing that may result in the release of heat or flammable gasses. The Test Room is provided with ventilation that injects outside air into the HCR and exhausts the air through a series of exhaust filters to trap particulate matter. The room is designed to mitigate the heat release of a thermal event occurring during testing and to immediately dilute and exhaust any flammable gases that are released. It is equipped with a sprinkler system to provide water suppression, if required  and its hardened nature will also contain any limited explosive battery .

The Electric Applications Incorporated (EAI) battery laboratory is equipped with a wide range of automated battery cyclers capable of testing individual cells, battery modules and full battery packs in excess of 100 kWh. Testing capabilities include standard certification tests as well as battery performance evaluation using simulations developed by EAI to represent battery operation in specific applications. EAI engineers and scientists have developed simulations for applications from traction to standby power. Simulation testing allows tuning of charge and discharge parameters, optimizing battery performance and maximizing cycle life. 


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Battery Applications

Electric Applications Incorporated experience with a wide range of battery applications allows engineering and scientific personnel to evaluate the operating conditions of prospective battery applications and recommend candidate batteries to serve the application. Using simulations of these operating conditions, EAI's expert personnel can evaluate the performance of candidate batteries and provide application specific estimates of cycle life and performance. In addition to development and testing we also offer consulting services for any battery application you may have.


Sally Sun Battery Testing

Research & Development 

Electric Applications Incorporated personnel and associates posses research and development experience with a variety of energy related technologies. Focus areas include advanced battery electrodes and electrolytes, battery control algorithms, hydrogasification, biofuel production, battery energy storage and utility scale compressed air energy storage. EAI capabilities include both scoping and conduct of research projects as well as conduct of development projects targeted at specific energy related issues. 


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