Tyler Gray

Education & Training

Training: Undergraduate
Institution: Arizona State University
Major/Area: Electrical Engineering
Degree: Bachelor of Science (Summa Cum Laude)
Year Completed: 2008

  • Managed battery-based projects for various applications including ESS, telecommunications, general products, automotive and basic R&D.
  • Performed and managed testing for batteries and battery applications on multiple different chemistries (PbA, Li-ion, NiZn, PbC, LiFePo)
  • Responsible for the regulatory requirements for battery and electric products
  • Responsible for managing all testing, in-house and contracted (within the USA and abroad), for all battery and electric products
  • Worked as a member of the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) to help develop new standards and revise existing standards.
  • Resumed all responsibilities for vehicle and battery testing under Department of Energy (DOE) contract previously held by ECOtality under the Advanced Vehicle Testing program.
  • Resumed lead engineer responsibilities for in-vehicle data logging systems for vehicle fleet operations.
  • Partially responsible for managing engineers and technicians day-to-day activities and test planning.
  • Lead engineer for all electric vehicle supply equipment testing.
  • Lead engineer for non-Government testing.
  • Authored Test Procedures for battery and vehicle testing.
  • Member of the SAE 2953 PEV-EVSE Interoperability committee.
  • Responsible for bringing up the design groups Altium Vault with previous components, board designs and templates.
  • Authorized user guides for development boards.
  • Responsible for all laboratory battery testing, analysis, and reporting for plug-in hybrid electric, hybrid electric and electric vehicle battery packs.
  • Supported the design, testing, production, and installation of level two AC and DC Blink electric vehicle supply equipment.
  • Assisted with vehicle testing of hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric, electric and neighborhood electric vehicles.
  • Lead engineer responsible for in-vehicle data logging systems in diverse vehicle fleet operation for durability testing.
  • Supported battery cell and module testing for various chemistries from Lithium-ion to Advanced Lead-Carbon.
  • Responsible for retrofitting a 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid with an Advanced Lead-Carbon battery pack including designing and programming battery management system electronics, assisting in the mechanical battery module holder and enclosure design, and interfacing with and modifying existing vehicle controls.
  • Responsible for demonstrating the bi-directional charging capability of a 2007 converted plug-in electric Prius including working with commercial, off-the-shelf parts to establish a complete power and energy monitoring and control network involving the vehicle/charger, building power, and power to auxiliary sources such as air conditioning units.
  • Responsible for finalizing design of and seeing through production of the Blink® EVSE Car-in-a-Box J1772 tester unit, for which a U.S. patent was awarded.
  • Responsible for electrical and mechanical design of a vehicle simulator unit used for end of production burn-in and post-installation testing of Direct Current Fast Chargers for CHAdeMO standard capable electric vehicles.
  • Worked on Joint Tactical Radio Systems Handheld, Manpack, Small Form-Fit (JTRS HMS) program.
  • Responsible for modifying JTRS HMS pre-existing components, as well as commercial off the shelf components, into a vehicle form-fit for U.S. Department of Defense demonstration.
  • Assisted with in-vehicle testing of hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and neighborhood electric vehicles.
  • Responsible for all laboratory battery testing, analysis, and reporting for DOE funded Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity (AVTA) project.

Research & Professional Experience


Tyler Gray and James Francfort, (2012) BiDirectional Fast Charging Study Report, US Department of Energy Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity INL/EXT-12-24474

Wishart, J., Carlson, R., Chambon P., & Gray, T. (2013).The electric drive advanced battery project: Development and utilization of an on-road energy storage system testbed. In SAE world congress(p. 1-30).