Xiaolei (Sally) Sun

Education & Training

Training: Graduate
Institution: North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Major/Area: Chemical Engineering
Degree: Doctorate
Year Completed: 2001

Training: Graduate
Institution: Beijing University of Chemical Technology, P.R. China
Major/Area: Chemical Engineering
Degree: Master of Science
Year Completed: 1997

Training: Undergraduate
Institution: Beijing University of Chemical Technology, P.R. China
Major/Area: Chemical Engineering
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Year Completed: 1994

  • Directs and manages company battery laboratory
  • Directs and manages technology development of the company
  • Response requests for proposals and other business opportunities
  • Develops strategies and tactics for development of business for the Energy Storage practice
  • Manages response to requests for proposals and other business opportunities for the Energy Storage practice
  • Manages operations and directs testing conducted by the Energy Storage laboratory
  • Developed Energy Storage and distribution strategies by implementing and conducting hydrogasification that converts hydrogen into methane using coal
  • Developed biofuel synthesis process — biodiesel and military fuels — using algae oil
  • Evaluated CO2 capture using Algae as means for power plant emissions reduction
  • Assistant Principal Investigator and Principal Investigator of the following projects:
  • $88M U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)/National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) Project: Integrate Energy Strategy (2009)
  • $10M DOE/NETL Project: Hydrogasification Process for Co-Production of Substitute Natural Gas (SNG) and Electric with Zero-CO2 emission; Power Plant Emission to BioFuel through Algae
  • Hydrogen production and storage R&D using chemical hydrides for fuel cell application
  • Principal Investigator for the National Science Foundation-Small Business Innovation Research (NSF-SBIR) awarded fund
  • Initiated and lead thermal initiated hydrogen production project for portable and electronic size hydrogen battery development
  • Designed and set up experiments study chemical hydrides, especially boron, chemistry.
  • Standardized high throughput and combinatorial bimetallic (supported) heterogeneous catalyst synthesis protocol
  • Developed new catalyst formulation for hyper branch fatty-amine synthesis; Developed reaction mechanisms for branch fatty-amine synthesis
  • Preferential oxidation of CO in H2–containing gases for fuel cell application (PROX)
  • Evaluated metal foam performance as catalyst support, developed new catalyst formulation
  • Studied reaction mechanisms and reaction kinetics
  • Initiated the project from designing experiments and developing process
  • Higher alcohol synthesis from syngas (CO + H2)
  • Evaluated catalyst performance for higher alcohol synthesis in a high T and high P slurry liquid system; developed kinetics for higher alcohol synthesis; Modified catalyst for better performance
  • Developed and standardized liquid mix separation, purification and identification protocols
  • Performed catalyst preparation and characterizations by various methodologies

Research & Professional Experience


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