Energy Consulting

Electric Applications Incorporated personnel have significant experience with electric generation, energy storage and energy conversion. Power plant operations and maintenance experience includes both major nuclear and coal fired generating plants. This experience has been utilized by the utility industry to conduct management reviews, performance audits and assistance visits.

Power plant construction experience with nuclear, coal fired and combined-cycle natural gas fired generating facilities provides resources for managing both new construction and improvement projects, as well as supporting bid preparation and marketing efforts. Electric Applications Incorporated personnel with electric utility senior management experience provide a resource for new technology evaluation, development and integration into utility operations, and management of grid-edge projects. New technology experience at Electric Applications Incorporated includes battery energy storage for reliability and demand reduction, energy conversion, including coal hydrogasification (manufacturing synthetic natural gas from coal and hydrogen), as well as bio-mass and natural gas conversion to diesel fuel.

Expertise includes:

  • Power Plant Construction, Operation, & Maintenance
  • Nuclear
  • Natural Gas — Combined Cycle
  • Coal
  • Natural Gas — Steam Cycle
  • Hydrogen Generation & Storage
  • High-Pressure Storage
  • Hydride Storage
  • Battery Energy Storage
  • Grid Storage
  • Demand Reduction
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Energy Conversion
  • Coal Hydrogasification
  • Fischer Tropse Gas-to-Liquid
  • Algae-to-Diesel