Electric Applications Incorporated is an accredited Testing Laboratory offering comprehensive services for the assurance of our customers needs. Our experienced team of professionals utilizes the latest industry standards to guarantee the most reliable and trustworthy results.

Safety & Certification

EAI performs a wide range of battery safety testing including; thermal, vibration, shock and impact along with the full scope of UN 38.3.

We also provide customers certification planning services to quickly get your product market-ready.

Performance Testing

EAI’s team of laboratory personnel are experienced in performance testing of all battery chemistries. From standardized performance tests to the development of customs test regimens specific to a particular battery application, EAI personnel can efficiently develop and execute test plans. Resultant data can be provided in raw form or analyzed by EAI technical staff. Acting as an extension of your staff, EAI will assure you get accurately collected data in a usable format.

Research & Development

Electric Applications Incorporated conducts research and developmental work across a broad range of technologies including: battery performance improvement, advanced fuel vehicle development as well as EV charge and Gaseous fuel infrastructure.

ESS Support & Emergency Planning

Our accredited labs provide full representation and support during the permitting process as well as comprehensive emergency planning for potential unforeseen failures in the future.