Evaluating and mitigating the risks associated with testing that challenges battery protection systems or induces battery failure is an integral part of EAI battery testing. EAI laboratories operate using procedures that evaluate the hazard and risk of each battery test. Appropriate measures are employed to mitigate risks of unexpected battery failures or consequences of induced battery failures. EAI’s laboratory facilities are specifically designed to effectively and efficiently deal with battery failures, up to and including full thermal runaway. EAI’s battery abuse testing experience assures that all testing that challenges battery protection systems is conducted safely, efficiently and at lowest possible cost.

Abuse Testing


EAI’s battery application experience and its battery standards development involvement provide a strong foundation for providing certification services. EAI’s comprehensive planning for navigating certification requirements, defining their impact on product design and coordinating testing requirements to minimize required tests, minimizes both cost and time to market for introducing new battery products or certifying exiting products to new requirements. Following the planning process, EAI has the capability to quickly and efficiently support the conduct of all required testing including both electrical and mechanical abuse. EAI will also coordinate required interface with NRTLs to obtain required product stamps.

Notable Test Standards

Some of the more notable test standards EAI routinely performs are: