EV Infrastructure Data Analysis

The EV Project, a Cooperative Agreement project between Electric Transportation Engineering (ETEC) and the US Department of Energy (USDoE), collected data for the installation of over ten thousand charging stations and the conduct of over 2 million charge events. Data from vehicles and charge stations was accumulated at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). Data from installation of charge stations was retained at ETEC. Some analysis of this data was conducted throughout the duration of the EV Project. It was anticipated, however, that the bulk of analysis would be completed once the data set was complete, near the end of the EV Project. Unfortunately, the bankruptcy of ECOtality (the parent Corporation of ETEC) interrupted the conduct of this analysis.

In order to maintain cognizance of the potential data analyses for the EV Project, the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) issued a contract to Electric Applications Incorporated (EAI) to assess; (1) the data resources currently available at the INL, (2) the data resources currently available from alternative sources, and (3) the data resources available from Car Charging Group Incorporated (CCGI), the purchaser of EV Project resources from the ECOtality bankruptcy.

Based on available data resources, EAI developed a list of analysis objectives. This list considered analysis objectives developed prior to the ECOtality bankruptcy as well as analysis requirements to support the USDoE EV Everywhere Project policy focus. The results of this contract were submitted to the INL in Report BEA02-14-0801.