System Development

The broad technical and project management experience of Electric Applications Incorporated personnel provides a strong foundation to conduct development projects in energy related technologies. Two decades of advanced fuel vehicle testing for the US Department of Energy provides knowledge of and experience with vehicle technical, safety and performance requirements. Ten years of battery electric vehicle racing experience further provides knowledge of fringe technologies for performance as well as provides a rigorous approach to vehicle safety.

Electric Applications Incorporated personnel have conducted system development projects for widely diverse technologies. Such projects include: design and construction of a coal hydrogasification reactor; design, development, installation and operation of a nationwide electric vehicle charging infrastructure consisting of 15,000 interconnected Level 2 and DC fast chargers in residential, commercial, public and workplace environments; introduction of fast charging and a fast charge infrastructure to the material handling and airport industries; design, production and installation of a gaseous fueling infrastructure capable of providing both compressed natural gas (3,600 psig) and compressed hydrogen (5,000 psig) as well as blends of these two fuels in any weight percentage.

  • Vehicle systems
  • Hybrid vehicle battery development
  • Natural gas fueled vehicle hybridization
  • Hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicle development
  • Energy Systems
  • Battery energy storage systems
  • Coal hydrogasification
  • Algae derived diesel fuel
  • Natural gas derived diesel fuel
  • Project Management
  • Electrical vehicle charging infrastructure
  • Industrial vehicle charging infrastructure
  • Transit vehicle charging infrastructure